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Our range of services:


  • Import Processing

  • Monitor documents and container arrivals
  • Submission of documents, presentation of the sea freight and THC
  • Storage place change
  • Duty dispatch for free circulation
  • Dispatch to the duty warehouse  with entrepot
  • Authorized receiver
  • Draw up shipping documents
  • Monitoring of import licenses
  • Veterinary dispatch
  • Onward carriage by rail / truck
  • Location changing of your containers

  • Export Processing

  • Creating export declarations and transit documents
  • Create or division of preference certificates
  • Completion of the TIR Carnet and CMR
  • Application for phytosanitary certificates
  • Preparation and submission of shipping documents
  • Consignor (transit shipment without Zollgestellung)


Handling and storage


  • Loading and unloading of trucks and containers
  • Slip-sheet loading and unloading / palletizing
  • Storage in block warehouse
  • Storage in the temporary-storage rack (FIFO)
  • Drive-in rack for pressure-sensitive goods
  • Handling all freight with drum grippers, loading bridges and other specialized equipment
  • Cold storage (additional temperature 14 ° C)



  • Container transport within Hamburg
  • Conventional transport within Hamburg
  • Full truck load and aggregated shipment within Hamburg
  • Full truck load and aggregated shipment in the european foreign countries




Attendance, processing


  • In- and outgoing control of your goods
  • Photo documentation
  • Sampling and daily pattern shipping
  • CCG standard time delivery
  • stretch and shrink pallets and containers
  • approving, accepting and finishing
  • sorting and processing of damage
  • Creating and attaching barcode labels
  • Buildup display pallets
  • labeling of canned goods and glassware
  • gassing of cores, dried fruit, seeds, etc., in on-site chambers
  • Sampling and controlling of foreign warehouses by Quartiersleute




We would like to submit a non-binding offer for the handling of your imported goods and ask you to transmit a requirement profile. For sure we will also submit you an offer for your telephonic request. Please contact Mr. Manfred König for further informations.